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Reasons To Hate Waxpoetics Magazine

Actually… I really love Waxpoetics and it’s one of the few magazines that I still find time to read nowadays. I’ve been known to harass the booksellers at Borders, rush home franticly to read the articles and drool over pictures of rare records as if they were pinups of pretty women. In the record collecting … Read more

Free Mixtapes, Downloads, Hip-Hop Producer Albums

Crate Kings Vol. 5 – Stax O’ Wax Crate Kings Vol. 4 – Classic: Remixed Joints From The Golden Era Crate Kings Vol. 3 –  Homage To A Misspent Youth Crate Kings Vol. 2 –  Crate Kings/Creed Taylor, Inc. Crate Kings Vol. 1 –  Crate Kings vs. Henry Mancini DJ Semantik – 100 Breaks Crate … Read more

DJ Day’s Crate Digging Basics

Is it possible to dig about digging? Again… I think of this stuff wayyyyy too much. I was lucky enough to run across this list of valuable tips about crate digging. He also has put out really dope break mix titled “Credit Is Due”, which wore out my car’s CD deck. This guy really know … Read more


Crates Kings forum members provide original custom Hip Hop beats, mixtape and production services.  Hope that you enjoy this little sampling of what we have to offer.  Check out the forums to network and connect with other talented producers.


Mixtapes: 100 Breaks – Hip Hop Breaks & Samples (2006) DarkSide Crew Mixtape (2006) Young Salemme Mixtape (2006) Science Skateboards Promo Mix – Download (2006) Book of Breaks: 100 Breaks Part II – (Coming Soon Fall 2006)

Semantik: Seeker of Infinite Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, Breaks and Samples.

This afternoon, while giving a coworker a ride in my car, it became blatantly apparent how strange and obscure my musical tastes have somehow become. Immediately upon starting my engine, Diplo & Tripledouble’s entitled AEIOU vol. 2 break mix began playing and funky soul organ music was blaring out of the Olds. Both she and … Read more

Mobile Diggin’ w/ Sprint Bluetooth

In order to save valuable time and money, I like to be able to use each and every resource possible when I’m out searching for vinyl . Back in the day I used to walk around with a tiny notepad in my back pocket, nowadays I use the Sprint PPC 6700 cell phone instead. It … Read more

Kings of Diggin’ Promo Video w/Kon

Check out this promo video for the Kings of Diggin’ compilation featuring Kon & Amir along with DJ Muro. Kon speaks on some of his adventures in record digging which include face masks, crack rock and rare $500 gems.

The Best Beat Making Videos

About a year ago I went through a bit of a strange phase where I felt the need to hunt down every single beat making video that I could find on the net. Like many of my endless obsessive hunts, I took this to the absolute extreme and ended up having to eventually purchase a … Read more

Book Review – Making Beats: The Art of Sample Based Hip Hop

It is fairly tough to find decent information about diggin’ and sampling and I usually can’t stand to read sholarly material about Rap/Hip Hop by such people as Sociologists or Ethnomusicologists. However, despite moments of cringing, such as the author definition of a “break” and what “digging in the crates” means, Making Beats by Joseph … Read more