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Diggin’ In Chi-Town

I made a trip to the Chicago recently and came to the conclusion that I have a full blown record problem. My first destination immediately upon landing at O’Hare airport, after picking up the comfy Ford Taurus rental w/GPS from Avis of course, was Dusty Groove records. After getting stuck on the Dan Ryan Expressway … Read more

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I’m Back!!!

Ahhh yeah… It’s been a while since I’ve been around, but we’re finally back in effect with a number of changes and completed projects, including the redesign of Crate Kings and development of my other site Own The Frame, which is centered around the subject of lifehacks and office/personal productivity. I hope that everyone like … Read more

About Crate Kings

Crate Kings is an urban music production news website written primarily by Semantik with occasional contributions from DJ Trends and a number of very generous readers. Updated daily, Crate Kings delivers news about DJ and producer battles, software updates, equipment releases, producer interviews, music industry conferences, and more. With each update Crate Kings seeks to … Read more