Young Guru On 9th Wonder’s Work Ethic

361 thoughts on “Young Guru On 9th Wonder’s Work Ethic”

  1. I like 9th Wonders facial expression, or lack there of. Humble Low key. Dropping Hot Shit.

  2. I agree @ Alwayzambitious! 9th is the man! Very humble kat indeed! I love his skill set! NC stand up, people sleepin’ on us! North Kak is a wealth of untapped talent! Lord’s will, I hope I can make my mark in this TRUE hip hop game as a great producer one day! Great post Crate Kings!

  3. 9th does have a lot of beats! They can become repetitive though. I also feel like so many get wasted by garbage rapper. I love the way he flips stuff, so much so that I can listen to the bootlegs that have the original followed by his, like all volumes. They are just so interesting its like wow. I dont like the beats he’s made recently with the MPC 2500 though. You can tell the difference and can tell that he’s still trying to get the grasp of what he can do. Keep going. P.S–Young Guru has the ear for that mixing board. Its the ROC!

  4. nah, all jokes aside, I really like when people show love to others they admire. This is probably the most passionate cosign I’ve ever seen in hip hop!!! I mean, homey actually said he would DIE for 9th!!! LOL. I hope it doesnt come to that!

  5. Look forward to the documentary. 9th was in the cut like Obi Wan and shit. Real cool cosign from Young Guru. The output and quality of 9th beats is amazing by itself. Good post overall.

    BB$. 9th Wonder Stans Unite!

  6. 9th seems like he is looking at the floor embarassed, thinking ……’I wish this dude would stfu’

  7. I love 9th Wonders work, but to mention him in the same category as Premo, Pete Rock and J Dilla NOW? That’s a cat being overenthusiastic :p

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