Just Blaze & Alchemist Talk Beats That Were Passed On

Just Blaze and Alchemist run down some of beats that were passed over and later became hit. Artists who lost out include include Memphis Bleak, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Ghostface, and Jay Z. Just Blaze and ALC also touch on the first time they both heard their own beats on TV and radio.

Everything is this music business is forty percent talent, sixty percent people skills. – Just Blaze

712 thoughts on “Just Blaze & Alchemist Talk Beats That Were Passed On”

  1. Kind of like actors turning down a role that made someone a star. You wonder what it would be like if the original artist had used them.


  2. I mean u cant get mad at turning something down and later it becoming a hit. becuz you didnt a vision for it then it probably wouldnt have blown up for you like it did the other artist. evrything happens for a reason. rember that

  3. Yep!! I agree with Hugo too! a “Girls Girls Girls” for Jay on an album like the blueprint 1 which changed the sonic soundscape of the radio and the game in general is huge, because he is a HUGE mainstream and (at the time) street level influence, Whichever way he went would have changed the game, and he chose to go with a primarily sample based album. Girls Girls Girls became a “blueprint” no pun intended, for how to have a radio track without sacrificing quality or image. That same track givin to Ghostface would have been VERY dope but wouldnt have had nearly the amount of farreaching influence that it would have on that Jay album.

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