West Coast Theory Documentary (Trailer)

French filmmakers Maxime Giffard and Felix Tissier have created a documentary entitled West Coast Theory, which seeks to shed light on the unique sound and style of West Coast hip-hop.

In addition to artist interviews, the film features extended studio footage and conversations with producers such as DJ Muggs, Jelly Roll, Fredwreck, Will I. Am, DJ Babu, DJ Khaili, Battlecat, DJ Revolution, Easy Mo Bee, Focus, and Rick Rock.  There’s even a brief appearance from MPC creator Roger Linn.

Visit West Coast Theory for more info.

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  1. Once again props to Semantik . . I love this site . . I remember my first trip out to CALI in 2000 and the first thing that struck me was the tunes they played on the Radio as I was leaving LAX. I heard stuff i had never heard before, and the whole groove was just different it really captured the essence of the place.

  2. In order to view the film you have to download a special viewer called a “pumit reader”. When you want to watch a pumit film, the reader will connect to the internet and you will recieve authorization to watch the film thereby de-scrambling the video. It does seem legit and I downloaded the reader but everytime my pumit reader tries to connect, I get message saying “PUMit system does bot allow to play this file currently” If anyone is able to get there PUMit reader to connect let us know how you were able to do it; I wanna see this film badly.

    • I succeeded ,i didn t have the problem you mention but after 3 minutes of the movie, you need to pay 3 dollars online to see the rest

  3. I had trouble getting the PUMit reader to start up, so what I did was drag the file (video) over the PUMit reader Icon.

    The authorization with the reader only allows you to see the first 12 minutes of the film though. Its just a preview until the dvd is released.

    • Thanks for the update Khan. Since this whole process was unnecessarily painful, download info has been removed. Sorry for the inconvenience to all those who took the time to download.

  4. I just finished the 30 minutes of west coast theory, and I cannot recommend this film enough. I hope that we see it here in North America on DVD as I’d really like to have my own copy that I can easily refer to when I need to.

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