Technics x Home Depot = Serious Hardware


Who would have imagined that home improvement could be so entertaining.  Apparently the folks over at Home Depot seem to believe high-end turntables should not be excluded from their lineup. 

Now while in the process of picking up a new power drill or supplies to caulk a tub, you can also throw a Technics SL-1210 turntable into the cart without losing a step.  Add a couple of slipmats to the package and you’re all set to go!

Head over to Home Depot for more info about this strange find.

Respect to B of JAAAHWS for the heads up!

649 thoughts on “Technics x Home Depot = Serious Hardware”

  1. That’s hilarious! What’s not hilarious is that Home Depot just announced that they’re having to cut 7,000 jobs as well as nix their high-end decor biz, Expo. Who’s left to man the ones-and-twos?
    Those JAAAHWS teeth are awesome!

  2. Seriously? That’s insane. They must be really hard up for business. There’s not even any synergies there….

  3. This is news to me. A few years back I was hell bent on becoming a DJ and got deterred by the cost of turntables and maintaining the habit. Clearly, it’s not as expensive for turntables anymore. Nice info to keep in my back pocket. From the comments I see WalMart is on the turntable bandwagon, too. Who could’ve seen this day coming??

  4. … Sign of the times homies I guess the end is really near . Home Depot is selling 1200’s and Be$t Buy is selling records. it totally seems like the last act of a desperate dying man .

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