Just Blaze Talks Pro Tools As A Recording Standard

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  1. If you want a career as an audio engineer or producer, working in different studio’s anywhere in the world, where you can learn and take your skills with you, you gotta know Protools.
    If you wanna create music and be successful as a musician, artist, beat maker, producer – you don’t.

  2. you have to have protools if you want to work with professional studios cuz they all have protools thats it if you cant afford it or you dont wanna learn it then dont dont expect that they will take you in with open hands in the pro music bussines thats just it guys… you can work in cubase in ableton reason audition or reaper but in the end of the day all that shit needs to go trough protools if you want to take it to a pro studio…

  3. i just seen this dude use logic 8 in a vid im tired of these guys saying the use something the get paid to say that shit

  4. @vic

    Makes perfect sense actually. There was a video a little while back featuring Just Blaze and engineer Mike Chav demonstrating sample chopping in Logic.

    Just Blaze officially endorses Pro Tools in the above video and, in essence, unofficially endorses Logic in the other video with Mike Chav.

  5. ok. he’s getting a check from both companies . thats a good thing . he ain’t gotta prove shit to nobody ‘ by right. I would do the same thing ‘ they give you free shit if you support them and he gets to keep himself out there at the same time. who wouldn’t take that offer. we all gotta eat. no disrespect to nobody but im just keeping it real.


    Agreed. Obvious he has nothing to prove and I too would pretty much use any free stuff that’s passed along. However, what’s most discomforting is that there are legions of aspiring producers looking to Just Blaze and others for guidance on the best equipment, software, and best practices. Artists are paid to endorse these products exactly because of this very influence they have.

  7. Check I’m Almost sure Just Blaze uses both pro tools and logic because they both have things about them that set them apart… Most of the time people like to create in logic and edit in pro tools for several different reasons (too many to list). At this time with the technology being where it is you can get stuff done on just about anything I have heard Music from Ableton, Reason, Sony Acid, Fruity Loops the list goes on… It is not the gear your using its the person behind the gear. If you cant sing and you go and buy a $3,000 mic what will it sound like? A $3,000 mic and someone that cant sing right!
    Why pro tools or why logic beacause they are at the forefront in terms of Recording and music production, So if you wan’t to keep up thats where it’s at PERIOD
    Me personally I have used just about everything R4,Cubase 5, Ableton, FL8, Logic8, PT8, DP6, Acid 7 Etc… you can even catch me in garage band sometimes. I mainly use Logic 8 and Pro tools 8 So trust me go get them both…….

    It is sad though when you have people that have never used a piece of equipment co-sign it like they use it all the time but in this case I say Blaze Uses both.
    I see it everyday

  8. *I dont see Blaze use both everyday I see A majority of the professionals using them together everyday.

  9. @IsellMusicgear

    I’m sure there’s a lot of truth to what you say in the case of Just Blaze. From past reports he seems to use a multitude of different items and it only makes sense to use the best tool for each specific job. Both Logic and Pro Tools are amazing products which each have their their individual strengths. He’s certainly working in an ideal environment where he has some choice in what he uses.

    Unfortunately, I don’t get the feeling (I could be wrong) that the majority of these types of promo spots are necessarily created with professional artists in mind. Speaking from the standpoint of our readership, many are hobbyist beatmakers/producers working within budgetary constraints and rely, at least partially, on sincere testimonials before making significant purchases.

    Perhaps JB just happened to unfairly catch the heat for what I think is a general feeling among consumers that transparency is sacrificed for endorsement and monetary considerations.

    With that said… Just Blaze has been one of the handful of producers that consistently offers insightful and intelligent behind the scenes production footage and commentary.  We’re big fans of everything he does.

  10. what do you cats think of the new pro tools 8 ? i currently have pro toools 7.4.2 should i upgrade ? and does 8 have a learning curve that would want me to stay with what i have ?

  11. shanetron @ 11:09 pm:
    Quark? As a graphic designer, I’m offended by this outdated reference. Get out of here, Just Blaze.

    For real, I’ve been rocking InDesign for the last four years! I was a Quark master before who swore wouldn’t switch, but as soon as CS dropped, it was goodbye Quark!

  12. Yeah i agree you don’t need pro tools in order to be sucessful but its still good to know how o use it since so many people these days uses it. From my understanding, software such as FL studio is good for beginners whereas Pro tools is good for advanced producers.

  13. As long as your PROJECT IS IN A WAV. FILE, you can used Sonar,Reason,Fl Studio,Apple Logic,Cubase,Ableton, ETC. and take it to a MAJOR STUDIO that’s running PROTOOLS,and if your s**t is RAW, they are going to work with you.U can believe that jac .

  14. Pro Tools is the gateway to a professional audio career simple and plane in my opinion (and many others). Just Blaze ain’t doin shit wrong by endorsing Logic and Pro Tools. I got Pro Tools, Nuendo, Audition and Sonar on both of my studio computers and all the big studios in the Bay Area that I worked in had every program on the market on all the studio computers. The owner told me he wasn’t gonna let business walk away over a program. But Pro Tools is what got my foot in that door. If someone brings me a session in a program other than pro tools I’m gonna do what ever I have to to to mix his music. I’ll give him his music as a pro tools session and and he’ll get what ever he request on his way out the door as I cram more green backs in my pocket…LOL
    Anyway Pro Tools has put more cash than any other program at this point. But I’ll endorse more then one program cause I use more than one program.

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