Denaun Porter Stops Using Pro Tools, Moves To Reaper

531 thoughts on “Denaun Porter Stops Using Pro Tools, Moves To Reaper”

  1. This guy sounds like an infomercial they need jack lalane up there or that shammy wow guy. I would love to see some midi editing on it.

  2. I tried. I just kept pushing fast forward trying to see if he would stop saying “like” all the time. He needs speech class.

    I’ll stick with pro-tools and reason and re-wire.

    Cool idea though.

  3. I love people who are selling stuff without understanding it.

    “This thing is not like a computer cause you can add instruments and stuff…like.. unlike computers this thing never slows down…like… You don’t need to set midi channels like on a MPC, like you just go in here and set up midi channels”

    Dude it’s just a computer running windows, build inside a keyboard…

  4. I would never spend so much money for that.
    I would rather get a very advance midi-keyboard & a MPD for 1/8 of the money.

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