Trading Drum Secrets w/ DJ Khalil & Tha Bizness

Forget the exclusive leaks and promo material, here’s the backroom production conversation that you’ve been waiting for.  DJ Khalil and Tha Bizness have a candid conversation about recording techniques, plugins, Reason, Logic, and the virtues of simplicity. Takeaways: Share information with other producers. Simple + sweet = good. If you’re curious about the AU plug-ins … Read more

Tha Bizness Interview: Seattle Hip-Hop, Emerging Artists, Auto-Tune

Jimmy Jazz interviews Tha Bizness as the production duo discuss the Seattle hip-hop scene, Auto-Tune trends, emerging artists, and working with such artists as  Drake, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, and R Kelly. Visit Jimmy Jazz to read the entire interview. Notable Quote: "Especially in this day and age, no matter who the artist is, everybody … Read more