Sales of Turntables Increase Along With Vinyl

It’s been widely reported that vinyl sales are up, but with recent rumors surrounding the alleged death of the Technics 1200, some would find it difficult to believe that turntable sales could be healthy as well. New York retailer J&R Music claims record sales for the 21 different analog and digital turntable models that it … Read more

Audiowood Turntables Are Handmade Goodness


If the cold metal and hard lines of the Technics 12000 just don’t seem natural, perhaps you’ll prefer Joel Scilley’s unique collection of handmade wooden turntables that are warm in both sight and sound. 

The custom turntables feature Origin Live DC motor controllers, quality bearings, and Origin Live/Rega arms.  No word about pricing, but let’s assume that if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

See the full Audiowood turntable collection.

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Technics 1200 History, Development, And Pics

Turntable nerds rejoice!  A somewhat lenthy discussion breaks down history and development of the groundbreaking design behind various models the Technics SL-1200 turntable.   Yes, the whole things is in Japanese, but there are plenty of goodies (and pics to drool over) awaiting anyone who dares to dig through the rough translation. Check out the full … Read more

VinylRecorder Home Vinyl Lathe Fits Over Technics Turntables

Who else wants a home record lathe that fits over a Technics 1200’s turntable?  The German made VinylRecorder T-560 provides stereo recording  on 7, 10, or 12 inch blank discs at 33, 45, and 78 speeds all while claiming to "100% scratching-proved." 

The only question is where was this contraption back in 1995?  Then again, with a price tag of 3200 EUR (approximately $4400 USD) this probably wouldn’t have been the utopian game changer that DJ’s had been dreaming of.

See VinylRecorder for more info.

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