Technics 1200 History, Development, And Pics


Turntable nerds rejoice!  A somewhat lenthy discussion breaks down history and development of the groundbreaking design behind various models the Technics SL-1200 turntable.   Yes, the whole things is in Japanese, but there are plenty of goodies (and pics to drool over) awaiting anyone who dares to dig through the rough translation.

Check out the full discussion using Google Translate

[Respect to B of JAAAHWS for the heads up!]

610 thoughts on “Technics 1200 History, Development, And Pics”

  1. I like pita bread but I’m not digital.

    Kinda wish they had not included the DZ1200 since it’s a blemish on an otherwise pretty flawless record.

  2. “I like pita bread but I’m not digital.” Haha! Funny you caught that one too, haroon!
    No doubt, Google Translate gets real deep.

  3. Shame they didn’t include the SL-1600, for those that know its the best of the 1200 for the domestic home use.

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