“Beautiful Part 2” Mixed By Soulman (Download)

After first dropping Lovers And Friends over the weekend, Soulman was again feeling generous and decided to unleash another classic mix upon the world.  Soulman’s Beautiful Pt. 2 certainly delivers the goods that we’ve all come to expect from multi-volume sample mix master. Well, just as with the last Beautiful joint I did, I’m real happy about this … Read more

“Lovers And Friends” Mixed By Soulman (Download)

Crate pro Soulman hits off his fellow dusty vinyl appreciators with a Valentine’s day mix entitled Lovers And Friends. For those who don’t know, mixes by Soulman (Phil Stroman, Digga Phelps) never disappoint and are considered an automatic listen. I’d like to say this is perfect since this is Valentines Day, but some of the … Read more

Soulman – Come To Me Softly & Beautiful (Download)

Soulman returns!  The man behind World of Beats and Archaeologists Classics returns to deliver a double dose of professional crate digging to his legion of eager listeners.  Beautiful and Come To Me Softly, two new mixes that were released within days of each, highlight a number of Soulman’s personal phych rock, jazz, and soul favorites. Beautiful: Just playing a … Read more

Soulman – The Truth Is Forever (Breaks & Sample Mix Download)


Sample and Breaks fiends rejoice… Soulman has returned, at least partially, to breaks and sample mixes!  For those who don’t know, Soulman was the master digger behind World of Beats, record dealer to the stars, and creator of way too many volumes of Archaeologists Classics.

"Just when you thought I was retired from the break mix game (I thought I was retired too, who knew)… I started working on this mix almost exactly one year ago and finally finished it today while the wife was at the movies with the kids watching Up (they said it was good).

I just grabbed whatever rock records were laying around at the time and played whatever sounded half decent. Dollar bin to ultra rare psych… it’s all over the place."

The Truth Is Forever mixed by Soulman

[via Soulman]

No tracklist provided… back cover after the break!

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