RZA Discusses Making Music Without Profit Motive

RZA discusses moving beyond money and making music strictly for the sake of artistic expression. ¬†Freed from thoughts of financial compensation, he explains the ease of working with John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on personal projects and freely contributing to the BlakRoc album. We just make music. I’ve made 100 songs this year, and … Read more

Rza Guitar Center Sessions Panel Discussion

Wu-Tang’s RZA about his sound and approaching the sampler from the point of view of a musical instrument.  He tells the story of Roland making house calls to fix the MV-8000 and importance of staying true to your personality, while panel members touch on keeping an open mind when exploring music.  

Rza Gives Production Tips To Customized Roland MV-8800 Owners

To promote the release of 8 Diagrams, Guitar Center will offer for sale 8 Roland MV-8800’s customized by Bruce Forat. In addition to owning a one of a kind production workstation, all eight owners will have to opportunity to attend an intimate beatmaking class with Rza himself. Each Forat/Rza customized MV-8800 will feature one of … Read more

RZA & Wu-Tang Remix Interview

Looks like 8 Diagrams is receiving a damn good promo push, even receiving the cover of the latest issue of Remix Magazine. It’s pretty interesting the hear RZA talk about the importance of EQ and layering rather than having everything on beat and in the correct key. Check the Remix RZA/Wu-Tang Interview