RJD2 Discusses Running A Sustainable Record Label

Pyramid West interviews RJD2 to discuss some of his upcoming projects, musical direction, and favorite production tools, Akai MPC and Pro Tools. RJD2 also touches on the difficulties in sustaining a record label and recent opportunities for artists to release their own music. I spent so long having a boss that I’m very reticent to … Read more

RJD2’s Custom Spinning Wireless MPC Remote

RJD2 quickly shows his tour setup then explains how he hacked together a wireless MPC controller for use during live performances.  The controller consists of a Korg padKontrol, wireless battery powered MIDI transmitter, 9 volt batttery soldered to a power connector, gorilla glue, and more.  Did we mention that it also has a custom built … Read more

Inside RJD2’s Home Studio

Get ready for another case of studio Envy.  RJD2 first shows of his skills in the kitchen, then reveals some of the jewels contained in his home studio. [via SG]

RJD2 Interview: The Third Hand Construction

Producer RJD2 talks about the process of putting a record together and building a beat into a song.  He also addresses the transition of moving from being a studio musician to working with a live band with release of The Third Hand.

RJD2 Interview: Talks Sampling And Live Instruments

Ohio native RJD2 talks about creative experimentation, digging for samples, and the occasional use of live instrumentation.  He has a very interesting standpoint on the sonic ideal that he’s looking to create by drawing his inspiration from Hip-Hop records from ’88 to 93 era.  Was also refreshing to see him list MF Doom as one … Read more