Inside RJD2’s Home Studio

617 thoughts on “Inside RJD2’s Home Studio”

    • no he didnt he did a shit job no convo about production or mixing just hey look at my cs80. Lets talk about how he builds tracks does he start with drums does he use samples how about plug ins or vocal processing maybe thougts on drum compression. You know, shit that matters.

      • The show is more about equipment than production techniques but yeah I’d love to see that show too. Maybe they could do a spin-off. Regardless an inspiring video for me. My cobbler game is going to be stepped up.

  1. @ssf-LMFAO!!!
    Im hopefully gonna be purchasing a CS-60 in a few weeks. Im Eating Oatmeal and Tuna to save (No bullshit). WOuld have Loved to know more on the recording process. Im Def becoming a synth Enthusiast. a BRoke one

    • wow, thats like the spot you wanna hang out all day.
      looks like a very inspiring place with all that vintage equipment and stuff.

  2. Wtf…he lives right down the street from me. I had no idea. gonna have to track him down, maybe get down on some cobbler….

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