RJD2 Interview: Talks Sampling And Live Instruments


Ohio native RJD2 talks about creative experimentation, digging for samples, and the occasional use of live instrumentation.  He has a very interesting standpoint on the sonic ideal that he’s looking to create by drawing his inspiration from Hip-Hop records from ’88 to 93 era.  Was also refreshing to see him list MF Doom as one of his favorite producers… another artist that doesn’t receive enough credit.

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708 thoughts on “RJD2 Interview: Talks Sampling And Live Instruments”

  1. RJD2 is a man beast … too bad his newest album (this interview is a few years old) was terrible … he decided to get his singer/songwriter on. Ugh. I saw him live touring behind it and the songs were just bad.

    His first two albums, as well as his work with Blueprint as Soul Position is all QUALITY.

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