Optimizing Speaker Performance In Your Studio

Electronic Musician, Mix, Remix, and Guitar Center present a free webinar: Optimizing Speaker Performance In Your Studio. Acoustic consultant Bob Hodas, responsible for tuning Abbey Road, Record Plan, and Lucasfilm, will share how to set up studio monitors, listening position, and studio treatments.  Also to be discussed are techniques for applying equalization and EQ measurement. … Read more

Ervin “EP” Pope: Making Beats And Networking

Producer/Keyboardist Ervin "EP" Pope (Jay Z, Kanye West, Brandy, Twista, G-Unit) talks about his musical history and gives a gold/platinum plaque tour our his studio.   He speaks about staying humble, networking, and being equipped with any musical tool he could possibly need.  The last video show him at work creating a track using multiple keyboards … Read more

Digital Audio Workstation Techniques Workshop

For those in the New York area, the Manhattan Producer’s Alliance is presenting a workshop entitle In The Box: Modern Digital Audio Workstation Techniques.  The class will provide an in depth look into the art of mixing using digital audio workstations including demonstrations of specific mixing approaches and techniques using real life examples.  The measly … Read more

Rza Guitar Center Sessions Panel Discussion

Wu-Tang’s RZA about his sound and approaching the sampler from the point of view of a musical instrument.  He tells the story of Roland making house calls to fix the MV-8000 and importance of staying true to your personality, while panel members touch on keeping an open mind when exploring music.  

Needlz Talks Sounds, Racks, and Effects

Michigan native Needlz supplies us with a sneak peak inside his Brooklyn studio, complete with MPC 2000 XL, Kurzweil keyboard, and racks of sounds & effects.  He also talks about his choice in vintage gear and puts together a beat on the spot.  Needlz makes it a good point to clarify the reasoning behind his … Read more

Chucky Thompson: Producing For Nas Is A Headache?

Think Talk hits us off with a thorough in studio interview/Q&A session with producers Chucky Thompson (Hitmen/BadBoy) & Salaam Remi (Toni Braxton, Nas)  as they discuss their first professional work, hustling beats, business matters, and the importance of relationships. At one point Chucky Thompson let’s it slip that working with Nas requires "a lot of … Read more

Pete Rock Talks About Sample Clearance And Favorite Equipment

Continuing on from their recent Evening & Dialog w/ Pete Rock event, Guitar Center hits us with an excellent interview.  Pete talks specifically about the switch from the E-MU SP1200 to the Akai MPC 2000XL, the importance of EQ’ing, and the concept of sampling & clearance.  Interestingly enough, he talks about Kanye West sampling big … Read more

Easy Mo Bee Drops Wisdom And Production Stories

Certified classic beat maker (Miles Davis, Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack), Easy Mo Bee talks about his very first job, getting started as DJ, and making the move to production.  He also tells some great stories about work with Puff and B.I.G., making Craig Mack’s "Flavor In Your Ear" in his underwear, and musical changes in … Read more