Pete Rock Talks About Sample Clearance And Favorite Equipment


Continuing on from their recent Evening & Dialog w/ Pete Rock event, Guitar Center hits us with an excellent interview.  Pete talks specifically about the switch from the E-MU SP1200 to the Akai MPC 2000XL, the importance of EQ’ing, and the concept of sampling & clearance.  Interestingly enough, he talks about Kanye West sampling big hits and well known artists, bringing New York back on top of Hip-Hop, and staying excited about digging & making music.

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536 thoughts on “Pete Rock Talks About Sample Clearance And Favorite Equipment”

  1. Man Pete Rock is one of the reasons why i am a producer now! his style is so raw and pure that it just works! and I still mess wit my SP1200 I just fatten up all my kicks and snares, also my claps and snaps, then load them into my MPC2000XL or into my Native Instruments Maschine. But Pete Rock is da man!!

  2. The back of Pete Rocks album (I think the main ingredient) where he had a picture of the basement is what inspired me . It just looked so real and made me just buy equipment. I still canrt live with0ut my MP

  3. @ Jetty I was too inspired by the back Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Main Ingredient Album too! So I had to cop me some REAL equipment myself…
    2 MPC 2000 & 1000…Lol

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