DJ Scratch Exits EPMD: Money Issues w/ Eric Sermon & Parrish Smith?

Longtime EPMD member DJ Scratch announced that he’s left EPMD after finding out that Eric Sermon and Parrish Smith had been recording an album and performing without him.  In an interview with All Hip Hop, Scratch cites money issues as cause for the rift.  Read the interview and check the footage for a glimpse of … Read more

Eric B Teaches Recording & Life Lessons

Through a Newark Housing Authority program, producer/DJ Eric B (Eric B & Rakim) helps New Jersey youth learn about music, recording, business, and life in general.  While the program is based in a community center recording studio, it places an emphasis on the importance of students being college bound and attaining solid credentials rather than … Read more

Recording Artists Pushing For New Audio Standards

Not directly related to Hip-Hop, but nonetheless a concern to all producers concerned with sound quality.  We all know that hypercompression is the current trend in mastering and that lossy codecs such as mp3 are inferior, but has it gotten out of control?  Neil Young, Trent Reznor, John Mellencamp, and T Bone Burnett are uniting … Read more