Timbaland Producing Entire Jay Z Album

1,436 thoughts on “Timbaland Producing Entire Jay Z Album”

  1. I don’t care for Timberland overall and found his sound to be more of a novelty. Let me know when Jay-Z does an LP with Primo, Pete, and others — not this pop-rap “beep beep who got keys for the jeep” trash.

  2. That’d be nice if they were actually looking to make great music… it’s all about the numbers nowadays though. Remember when people used to actually debate music quality rather than sales stats? I miss those days.

  3. Jay already got his money. Now have some guts and be a man. Stop letting these corporations define what is hot by playing the same damn song 10 times every hour. Let primo, pete rock or rza produce an entire album for jay. Nothing aganist timbaland but those producers are from the same era as jay and it would be about the music with them. With timbaland it would be about sales and ringtones disposable music nothing that you could listen to 10 yrs from now and say that’s classic! And make it a free download and we won’t have to worry about leaks!

  4. fuck that. timbo and jay got chemistry. they mesh well and would sound dope with an entire an entire album… if you ask me though i think Nas and PRIMO would be wayyyy hotter

  5. Young goldy I agree with you. But you have to watch how u use terms like hot. Today in music hot has nothing to do with the music. With jay and timbo they have to make a few radio cuts instead of just concentrating on my good music. In other words, jay and primo would be dope. jay and timbaland would be hot!

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