Summer 2008 Beat Battle Winners


Once again it was a heated competition with many producers bringing their best instrumental compositions, however, our guest judge K-Def was able to whittle down all of the entries to determine the top producers of the moment.  Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for taking the time to put in such a phenomenal effort.  All winners will be contacted shortly regarding their prize packages sponsored by Zoom-In Online.

1st Place: Juney – "Gemini"
"I picked this track, because I can hear someone hot rapping on it. And
it can be big in the clubs."

2nd Place: Rhythm J – "Str8 Headbanger"
"Pretty good engineering on this. Great rock/hip hop fusion. The drums
are hard hitting."

3rd Place: Kid Konnect – "Rebirth"
"Great to hear a different style of hip hop. The music made a lot of
sense. Not for your everyday rapper, but the right rapper."

84 thoughts on “Summer 2008 Beat Battle Winners”

  1. People I can see on rebirth



    Joey crack

    M.O.P.(samples are DEAD right for the enrgy)


  2. I thought Kid’s track would take the top because of the energy involved with the beat. Congrats to all the winners. All the beats are dope.

  3. A note to those whose comments have been deleted:

    All producers who entered the competition have worked extremely hard at their craft and entires. All opinions about the tracks are respected, however, purely negative and spiteful comments directed at any of the participants will not be tolerated.

    Comments that do not offer either congratulations to winners or some sort of intelligent commentary relating to the the track elements, techniques, engineering, etc., will be immediately deleted.

    This site is based around a positive, intelligent discussion of Hip-Hop production and we’ll strive to remain that way. Those looking for an excuse to hurl insults, especially without giving examples of your own work, should head elsewhere.

  4. Yo that gemini track was a straight rip. It sounds almost exactly like one of dj khalil’s recent tracks for Nas. From the same tempo to the same reason sound patches. Wow!! come on people are we that lame?

  5. Well done to all the place getters, but Kid Konnect destroyed it. So much energy, with those little extra touches that just give the whole production a real ‘Return of’ type feel – It’s an opening track banger for sure. There’s plenty of layers, but it’s not overfull, rather nicely to the brim.

    Kick out your speaks with that joint. Respects to Konnect.

  6. Wow Jayblizz, way to hate, don’t you have some other forums to bomb? Maybe if you make a dope beat and submit it, you will get to kiss a girl someday. All of these tracks were fargin dope. I mean it. I would say Juney’s beat is probably the most commercially viable, though of course its artistic too. Its just that, this is the kind of beat you throw on for any rapper (maybe not a backpacker) and he’s gonna wanna kill it. The Rebirth joint is fargin nasty. This is the kind of beat that only a certain kind of cat can kill. Tell you the truth, Rebirth is almost just dope by itself, cause its so full already. Its some cinematic, instrumental crack. I like J’s track too…way to rock out. The recording on that track is skillfull.

  7. Everybody can see that rebirth is the best track. How was first place chosen. Was it the best
    track? or the best track with the most commercial marketability? If it’s a beat battle shouldn’t the best track win? Was the battle looked at as an a&r of a major coporate label would? Could K-def expand a little more on how he picked the winners.

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