No I.D. Loves Logic and Maschine, No More Auto-Tune

HipHopDX interviews producer No I.D. to discuss productivity over the past year,¬†wisdom attained during his time in the music business, and some of his favorite studio tech products, Apple Logic and Native Instruments Maschine. DX: Did anything turn up on the market last year that has enhanced the studio experience for producers?No I.D.: Hmmm well … Read more

No ID Reveals The Making of Jay Z’s “D.O.A.”

No ID discusses the making of Jay Z’s "D.O.A." including the debate leading up to the concept, song structure, emotion, and drum programming. Notable Quote: "I wanted to get as close to authentic 90’s style hip-hop without being limited with 90’s style programming of drums.  It took a lot of effort.  I didn’t just loop … Read more

No I.D. Talks Candidly About 808’s & Heartbreak

Producer and Kanye West mentor No I.D. discusses checking his ego and his initial disagreement with the creative direction of 808’s & Heartbreak, then curiously backs away from any further positive or negative comment about the project. Notable Quote: "I didn’t agree with it at first, but when it was done I agreed with what … Read more

No I.D. Interview: Favorite Producers, Beattapes, Scoring Movies

Producer No I.D. lists his all-time favorite producers (DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, RZA), the concept of truly loving music, defining sounds and their eras, scoring movies, and remaining a student of production.  He also touches on his opinion of producer beattapes and discusses his philosophy behind personally working with an artists to craft a personalized … Read more

No I.D. Interview: Sampling & Multiple Producers

A nice Q&A session with No I.D. gives us insight into working with Nas, Jay Z , Common, and Kanye West.  In addition, he takes the time to elaborate on the role of sampling in his production, his distaste of shopping beats, and the idea of having multiple producers working on a project versus only … Read more

No ID: Manners, Business, & Artistic Integrity

Ill Roots sat down with No ID to discuss the state of music, increased global access to music, new models for music distribution, and the opposing concepts of music vs. art.  He also tells of his first meeting with Kanye West, celebrities as regular people, and the importance of maintaining proper manners. Read the complete … Read more

No I.D. Tells Aspiring Producers To Get A Life Plan

Chicago board legend No I.D. tells aspiring producers and rappers to "you have to have a life plan that makes sense for real life and not a fantasy music plan."  He goes on to address the issues of studying for whatever career you intend to pursue, including music. Read the complete story.