Just Blaze

Saigon Released From Atlantic w/ Full Ownership of Masters

That’s right folks… this morning Just Blaze himself announced that Saigon was released from Atlantic with absolute full ownership of their masters (meaning they can do whatever the hell they want with the recordings).  In the early morning post Just Blaze thanked Atlantic "for recognizing the situation for what it really was and doing the … Read more

Vinyl Giveaway w/ KRS One, Common, and Q-Tip

It’s about that time for another vinyl giveaway… this time we’re gonna hit off (2) lucky readers each with an exclusive, limited edition copy of the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series featuring KRS One, Common, and Q-Tip. Smirnoff Signature Mix Series Vinyl: "Criminal Minded ’08" – KRS One (Produced by DJ Premier) "The Light ’08" – … Read more

Just Blaze Talks Saigon, Masterpiece Albums, And Music Biz Models

Hip-Hop Game presents an extensive, two-part interview with lord of the boards Just Blaze as he fully addresses the controversy and delays associated with Saigon’s upcoming release of "Greatest Story Never Told", the current state of the marketplace for Hip-Hop, relationship strains resulting from the Mobb Deep/Saigon incident, and future music business models. Make sure … Read more

Just Blaze Talks About The Early Years

Producer Just Blaze reveals how he received his name, his first hit, and working with Jay Z on the Dynasty album.  It’s become commonplace in the computer production age to hear constant talk of making 5 minute beats, but Blaze tells of constructing a track while Jay was in the booth recording vocals.  Pretty extraordinary, … Read more

Beats By Boost Mobile Rock Corps

In case you forgot how talented they were Just Blaze, Swizz Beatz, Marley Marl come together live onstage and run down a medley of hits from each of their arsenals.

Just Blaze Original Samples Mix

Get a quick taste of the Just Blaze’s skills in the crates. The Asha Bosle sample was pretty impressive, plus it’s interesting to find out that he’s a fan of Jermaine Jackson and Henry Mancini.

Just Blaze Remix Magazine Interview

So I copped the June issue of Remix Magazine with Just Blaze on the cover.  It was actually a pretty dope interview in which he discusses why he stopped using the Akai MPC 4000, switched to Native Instruments Battery 3, and his new way of mixing using Ableton Live and audio stems.  Check the interview. … Read more

Just Blaze Has A Blog???

The Megatron Don is rumured to be the personal blog of Just Blaze.  I don’t exactly know how confirmed this is yet, especially since it doesn’t look like he took the time to hire a web designer.  Who knew that super producers like to get their blog on too? Megatron Don