Grandmaster Flash

Grandmaster Flash Spins Vinyl Classics

Pioneer DJ and original turntable technician, Grandmaster Flash spins an all vinyl set featuring Chic, The Incredible Bongo Band, Roy Ayers, and more.

Grandmaster Flash Demos Analog vs. Digital DJ’ing

Grandmaster Flash gives a quick demonstration of his classic cutting style using traditional vinyl, then fires up NI Traktor for a lesson in digital vinyl evolution. Notable Quote: "Hip-hop is built on the 70’s.  If there was no 70’s hip-hop, there’d be no hip-hop today."

Grandmaster Flash Publishing New Book, Reveals Troubles

Grandmaster Flash talks about his upcoming book "The Adventures of Grandmaster flash: My Life, My Beats", hard lessons learned from the record business, cocaine addiction, and returning to DJ’ing.  With a release day of June 10th, 2008, it looks to be damn entertaining read.  Check the video for a preview of what will be revealed.