Grandmaster Flash Spins Vinyl Classics

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  1. GMF…he was amazing back in the days, also he´s the mixer inventor…now it´s only a veteran trying to do what beginners do when iniciate the dj´s routines…all my respect to GMF, but his technics is passed away…

  2. Hip hop’s roots grew between the dirty alleys of the tall building and under the train trusses of the big city. It was cultivated by disenfranchised youth who was looking for fun, expression and community. Youth who had seemingly nowhere to go. They faced problems, fears and the hostile environment of being poor in the big city. Hip hop WAS their expression, Hip Hop was their SOUL of this subculture. NOW hip hop is commodity, a package good for sale to the masses, look at the crowd, they ain’t got no soul. But they are listening to GMF and appreciating him, in that small way they are honoring the soul of hip hop. Amen.

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