Celebrity Beat Battle feat. Chris Styles and Scram Jones

192 thoughts on “Celebrity Beat Battle feat. Chris Styles and Scram Jones”

  1. I for one am not mad at that line-up at all. Some disappointed, at the same time impressed me. Of note is Statik Selektah, who I’ve always admired, as well as Chris Styles, who must have used no samples from what I’m hearing. I’m not disappointed at all. But I think Green Lantern was robbed. The Hitmen underwhelmed unfortunately IMO. Look forward to seeing that Arsonist/Dangerous battle.


  2. I’m sorry, but I didn’t make it through the first line up, all them niggas came out playing some wack, album filler stuff, the beat battle from last month was at least a bit more exciting and dynamic, though Illmind got robbed (seems like it’s always somebody getting robbed at these iStandard events, lol) I say they all need to go back and look at all these kids entering beat battles, cuz right now, all them plaques on the wall are definitelyNOT certifying them as HOT. That’s my Salaam.

  3. Green Lantern definitely got robbed when he battled Scram… That beat was hot… Also Chris Styles last beat was CRAZY drums were disgusting!! I think he was the one that shoulda won definitely even tho I am a sampled based producer I think his beats were the best…

  4. Chris Styles definitely took this contest. Drums and percussion are the elements needed for hot tracks. Listen again and take note on how he applied it! Props…

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