Exile Talks Traffic Light Drumming

Part 2 Truly Yours‘s interview with Exile features the producer discussing finger drumming on school desks, traffic light buttons, and, of course, the MPC2000XL. “I was a finger drumming fiend.  I’d even like just sit there like a fool with my head up a against the metal crosswalk button thing.”

Exile: Redefining Cool In Hip-Hop

The 6th episode of Hot Mop Film’s Off The Wall features Exile talking about family’s musical background, the importance of being physically during a recording project, and his goal of redefining cool in hip-hop. When I’m working with an artist, my goal is to try to battle the machine of what a lot of people are making and … Read more

Exile x DJ Day Live Fat Beats Performance

Exile and DJ Day deliver another high powered live MPC performance.  At one point Exile looks like he’s giving the inverted Akai MPC20000XL either a karate chop or a strange massage.  Either way, it sounds damn good.

Exile Explains Making Beats Using A Car Stereo

After revealing his habit of making beats inside of a car using the radio, speakers, and MPC, Exile gets down and creates a beat from scratch. Interesting Note: Exile’s album entitled "Radio" was originally going to be called "Car Stereo".