Exile: Redefining Cool In Hip-Hop

The 6th episode of Hot Mop Film’s Off The Wall features Exile talking about family’s musical background, the importance of being physically during a recording project, and his goal of redefining cool in hip-hop.

When I’m working with an artist, my goal is to try to battle the machine of what a lot of people are making and what their motivations of why they’re making it.

I feel like it’s my duty with hip-hop to help redefine what cool is and make it something that I believe in.

[via 2DB]

523 thoughts on “Exile: Redefining Cool In Hip-Hop”

  1. Yo Exile is no Tony Traxx, but he’s pretty dope to me. The concept he came up with for the Radio LP is mad innovative which is something that is lacking in most of today’s hip hop. Also really like his view on creating albums WITH the artist instead of sending material back & forth which I think has contributed to the staleness of a lot of projects. He says a lot of great things in the first half of the interview & then has fun toward the end. Good post.

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