2009 Japan DMC Championship Highlights

20 thoughts on “2009 Japan DMC Championship Highlights”

  1. Can we PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE bring the hip hop back into these competitions? There were some,but way too much techno and drum and bass stuff going on . That`s why the DMC`s haven`t been exciting to me in a few years now. Too many Dj`s sound the same in these competitions. It`s beginning to turn into a sad affair.

  2. The problem with deejay competitions is more to do with the lack of originality. Its all been done before, but better.
    Only a handful of turntablists have ever been that entertaining to watch in my opinion. People like Qbert, Craze and Roc Raida to name a few.

  3. @ P.B.-very true.For me, after I.E.Merge, it all started to become the same. You train all year to do the same thing as the next man? Don`t get me wrong,it`s not easy at all. I`ve won battles and lost them too,but I think it`s time for a change in Dj battles.

  4. I always wonder why people have to think things need to get harder to progress? Sounds change and that might be progress to some but not to others and level of difficulty is something that always gets harder to to increase with time? I mean that in time, everything gets as far as it can go. Look at Rock music, I would argue that no one has done anything in a very long time that others have not done, in terms of level of difficulty or expanding rock music? We have seen it change, but when Nirvana came along they changed the sound, but they really didn’t do anything that hadn’t been done before? Still had a lead singer, a guitarist and drummer like everyone else? Their music was different and that’s why they made a dent, not because anything they did was never seen before?

    This is inevitably where Hip Hop and Turntablism is going to get to? Sounds will change, but we are not going to see the evolution of the art like we did from the early 80’s to the late 90’s and even early 2000’s. Its impossible for it to continue at that pace! Nothing ever does, we need to embrace it for what it is, what it was and what it will always be! you are either a fan of the genre or your not!


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