Exile x DJ Day Live Fat Beats Performance

212 thoughts on “Exile x DJ Day Live Fat Beats Performance”

  1. man u can’t deny that karate chop shit was dope. The vid wasn’t all that impressive, but playing live is way more difficult than puttin it in song mode

  2. at Tony Traxx. Song Mode….check dudes resume. Exile is using it as an instrument like a turntable and dude has hella ill production IN SONG MODE. dude needs to get a life? Yeah lets watch the youtube video of Tonytraxx In Song Mode rockin a crowd at fat Beats now thats what i ve been waiting for. fareals Antonio

  3. @Tony Traxx

    Why compare live performances to studio recordings? Arguing which is better or harder is completely missing the point of what Exile, DJ Day, and all other live performers are trying to accomplish.  Live performances exist to entertain a live crowds. Nothing more, nothing less.


    Bro, you hate too much, just and FYI.

    As far as Exile, the more i see and hear of this dude musically the more I like.

  5. I know I’m going to sound like a hater too, But.

    I would love to battle someone like exile. Only because I use Ableton Live and my banks, patches, and kits that I load and instantly play would destroy everything hes loaded. I rock Live performances too with just my laptop and a Trigger Finger. I do 20 minutes sets. Exile is sick on that MPC…. Much respect, but His vids are not, Aswell. Anyone who has been bang them shits know what hes doin ain’t that hard. Especially if you get a nice or LUCKY chop.


  6. anyone can rock like that if ALL the pads contain musical sample phrases. not to sound like a hater, but i’m tired of seeing people get all “wow’d” when someone is just playing a phrase sample back…

    those who are familiar with REX files.. it’s the same deal. the MUSIC is already recorded… all you’re doing is replaying the PHRASE from different start points.

  7. @ all the haters above…
    You don’t know shit.
    I’d like to step on all your throats and
    see if you could still talk shit.
    Exile is nice and ya’ll aren’t.

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