Qbert’s Skratch School Is Now In Session


Launching today, Qbert Skratch University promises to deliver thorough, in-depth explanations about the techniques used to pioneer turntablism.  In addition to video instruction, downloadable practice beats, and personalize critique, Qbert Skratch University plans to feature multiple guest instructor DJ’s for a diverse range of insights, ideas, and techniques.

Also in the works is a special reunion of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz:

"Most recently, filming has also begun of "Secrets of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz". For the first time in over 10+ years since their retirement, the members of the ISP have come together  ONLY through the QSU. Their knowledge and insight into the DJ experience will be a special feature and they will be diving into beat juggling, turntable drumming, tones, team routines, trick mixing, musical selection, and the path to a successful dj career."

3 Month Enrollment: $60
First 100 subscribers receive free Butter Rugs.

Visit Qbert Skratch University for more info.

396 thoughts on “Qbert’s Skratch School Is Now In Session”

  1. ^^Business logistics of organizing international orders was probably beyond their budget/expertise. As long as the user end is solid and they’re not fucking up on customer service, then they’re pulling off a successful launch of a dope and long-overdue idea.

    Plus, if you ARE international? Just wait like a month until someone ups a torrent with 3-4 hours of footage from these guys. That’ll be free, and hopefully we’ll start to see REAL DJs coming back in 2012.

  2. Their website is not secure. Anyone who signs up for qbertskratchuniversity.com will have their credit card information transmitted in plain text for any would-be hacker to grab. It is extremely irresponsible of them and probably is illegal. DO NOT sign up for this site unless you want to be a victim of identity theft.

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