DJ Day & Exile Explain Finger Drumming & Live MPC Use

796 thoughts on “DJ Day & Exile Explain Finger Drumming & Live MPC Use”

    • good dude, but not on the same level as dj day and exile, sorry just truth.
      potentinal to be dope for sure tho.

      plus with ableton you could do a whole lot more bugged shit.
      Respect tho.

  1. yeah, but these dudes aren’t “really” playing anything.
    anyone can “trigger” samples and “phrases.”

    peep MdCl for the real deal.


    “it’s all about those handcrafted beats.”

  2. has anyone else noticed compulsive mpc volume changing? Dj Day is doing it here, and although you could say its being used to change volume during different parts of the song, that’s probably not the case. My roommate caught me doing this once and pointed it out – I realized he was right – I was constantly fucking with the volume knob while I made and played back sequences. I almost feel like it comes from some sort of innate connection that the mpc artist feels to an actual DJ, thus feeling like you should be constantly manipulating the knobs. I watch people do this all the time now.

  3. Wow coincidentally thats what I’m getting into now, I could use all the tips but nice 1 Day…my ufck’n mpc wont switch on & I don’t know why. Can any1 help?

    Theko from R.S.A. (Republic of South Africa)

    • I know this might sound elementary, but since you’re in South Africa, is it possible that the voltage switch in the back of your unit needs to be corrected for your voltage?


  4. wow….this shit is bonkers. no need to say who is better than these fools. they should give dj day more shine too though cuz he’s really raw too(exile steals the show in this vid tho)!

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