Evidence Pro Tools Promo: Digital Recording + The Weatherman LP

Dilated Peoples MC/producer Evidence talks about being introduced to production by QD3, his relationship with the rest of the group, and The Weatherman LP. Later Evidence discusses working with Pro Tools, the virtues digital recording, and the ability to freely experiment with sound. Hilarious Notable Quote: "Pro Tools is right up there with the microwave."

Alchemist & Evidence Sample Battle On Fresh Rhymes & Videotape Tour Bus

Producers Alchemist & Evidence go head to head in a laptop original sample battle on the Fresh Rhymes and Videotape tour bus.  I personally have to declare Alchemist the automatic winner after Evidence set it off with a widely known Norah Jones joint.  Who would you crown king? Respect to Herfection

Evidence Says To Avoid Having A Set Rate For Services

Definitely slept on for his production skills, Evidence of Dilated Peoples talks about his solo release The Weatherman.  He also mentions an album consisting of Alchemist/Evidence album in sort of a "Jaylib" style with each showcasing their production and MC’ing skills.  Much of the interview is spent talking about music in general, but one very … Read more