Alchemist & Evidence @ Amoeba Records: Favorite Producers + Classic Hip-Hop

1,265 thoughts on “Alchemist & Evidence @ Amoeba Records: Favorite Producers + Classic Hip-Hop”

  1. They must not know you can get records for a dollar at any thrift store ‘ some hot shit ! I know you can in Virginia far as cd’s you can get them at the thrift store too ‘ for 2 dollars ! Check out a sample I got off a record there on my page its hot.You might think its wack or whatever ‘ but ya know .Also get a program called “spin it again” at its like 35 bucks and it takes 90% of the clicks and pops out of a record ! the only drawback is its pc only. And remmber Cratekings is the best site for hip hop on the net and worldwide ! Some may imitate but they can’t never duplicate.People like Semantic keep hip hop and the art alive !
    Much Respect.

  2. Yeah, i think this is the #1 Beat-Community personally.

    Alc & Evidence must have got a lot of money to buy all those records. Even those records just 2 Sample.

  3. Why is Al’ always squinting like the sun is in his face all the time?

    For those that don’t know Amoeba records store got mad albums and records. Ill spot right down on Sunset blvd.

  4. Amoeba paid them for that ad
    got me looking @ them different now
    been a fan for years evely body in cali know Amoeba is not a good place to good
    when Aron close down they pickup what was left and jucked up the price didnt even remove Aron price tag

    no lie
    I seen a uesd Kurtis Blow – The Break 12″ for $35

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