DJ Spinna

Inside DJ Spinna’s Home Studio

I’ve personally been a big fan of DJ Spinna for over a decade and ever since first catching a glimpse of his studio inside of the book Behind The Beat, I’ve been curious as to what a closer look inside would yield.  Luckily for us, DJ Spinna was kind enough to open his doors and … Read more

DJ Spinna “The Recall” Mixtape (Download)


DJ Spinna drops The Recall mixtape which features over 30 tracks and offers a taste of the valuable production work he’s contributed over the years.  An essential download for anyone who takes production seriously, DJ Spinna’s The Recall highlights a successful career spanning nearly 15 years.

Download The Recall by DJ Spinna

Tracklist and back cover after the jump!

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DJ Spinna Interview: DJ’ing, Production, Stevie Wonder

DJ Spinna talks about his preference for DJ’ing over production then tells an amazing story about meeting Stevie Wonder and appearing on stage for co-performance. Insane DJ Bragging Right: "He [Stevie Wonder] had a big concert at Madison Square Garden in New York and we planned to do a party after the concert and he … Read more

DJ Spinna Flips Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness”

As one of the original Akai masters, DJ Spinna rocks a sample of Kool & The Gang’s "Summer Madness" and gives us a taste of what can be done with an MPC 3000 and a little choice vinyl.  With special guests including Ski Beatz, Fresh Daily, and Sucio Smash, I can’t wait to see what … Read more