DJ Revolution

DJ Revolution: Electro-Funk & Early Career

DJ Revolution performs a live set while artist Chadwick paints in the background.  Revolution then goes on to explain how he became involved in DJ’ing and his all time favorite DJ, Jazzy Jeff. This right here is dedicated to all my old school electro-funk heads. For more info from the DJ, read the Crate Kings … Read more

Kid Capri + DJ Revolution On Mixtapes DJ’s & Artistry

DJ Kid Capri and DJ Revolution discuss the evolution of mixtapes and the artistry involved in being a successful DJ.  Notable Quote: "I never wanted to be looked at as a somebody that just plays records.  I wanted to be looked at as an artist and I wanted all the DJ’s to look at themselves … Read more

DJ Revolution “The-Rematch” Scratch Hook Creation

DJ Revolution takes us through the creation and arrangement of an in-depth scratch hook for "The Re-match" featuring DJ Spinbad.  Although multitrack recording is used, any DJ who’s actually taken the time to create one of these will appreciate how time consuming and nerve racking the process can be.

DJ Revolution Talks About The Craft of DJ’ing

You saw his Hard Knocks part 1 episode, now DJ Revolution talks about mastering the turntables approaching the art form as a craftsman.  He also gets into many albums just being compilations and glorified mixtapes and maintaining total control over your project. Notable Quote: "DJ’s are definitly shirking their responsibilities nowadays." [via Nahright]

Pete Rock Dissects Classic Nas x Ghostface x C.L. Smooth

Another meeting of the minds… 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, Nu-Mark, and DJ Revolution discuss the significance of Pete Rock, while the Soul Brother dissects  "When They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)", Nas’ "The World Is Yours", and Ghostface’s "Be Easy"

Little known fact: Pete Rock sung the hook on "When They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)"!!!

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DJ Revolution Talks Production, Celebrity DJ’s, Technology


A little while back I had the chance to hold a conversation with DJ Revolution while traveling from a video shoot for his upcoming release King of The Decks.  For those needing somewhat of a background history, Revolution is a DJ’s DJ, known for holding down turntables duties on The World Famous Wake Up Show with Sway & King Tech and combining turntablist class skills with the party rocking capabilities of a nightclub specialist. 

Rev took a moment to discuss how he initially began DJ’ing, shifting roles of DJ’s, and the importance of authenticity.  Besides touching on vinyl collecting, musicianship, production, and the increased role of technology; he even brought up such old school ideas as responsibility, community, and investing in next generation of artists.

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