DJ Revolution “The-Rematch” Scratch Hook Creation

DJ Revolution takes us through the creation and arrangement of an in-depth scratch hook for "The Re-match" featuring DJ Spinbad. 

Although multitrack recording is used, any DJ who’s actually taken the time to create one of these will appreciate how time consuming and nerve racking the process can be.

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  1. Was he using Logic? That is pretty tight. It does take tons of work to organize all those records together just for an 8 second hook.

    I have a feeling that some 16 year old kid will figure out a way to organize the songs a lot faster and be able to make hooks super quick.

    It actually makes sense to start creating an archive of chopped acapellas and chopped punch-lines so that next time a producer is in the studio you can do a simple search on your hard drive and put some stuff together madd quick.

  2. Great point about the acapella archive. So few people do these types of things nowadays, probably due mostly to the amount of research involved.

  3. did he actually chopp em all up record them to vinyl and actaully scratched em up or just pasted them up on there if so thats cool other wise cut and paste doesnt impress me much but still good work

  4. That wayne-o sample gets props, people sleep. How do you expect him to NOT use multi-track takes given that he’s scratching over 20 different acca’s on the chorus – Hes only one cat.

    666, Revolution didn’t cut and paste, hes got 12’s for days – peep old Wake Up Show mixes – he’s still a purveyor of the art.

  5. @deviate
    “How do you expect him to NOT use multi-track takes given that he’s scratching over 20 different acca’s on the chorus – Hes only one cat.”

    Sounds like you’re referring to the main post. Yes, the only way that a single DJ could do this is by either multitrack or if they were somehow born with 8 arms. The reason multitrack recording was highlighted in the main portion of the post was to place emphasis on the skill required to compose such a scratch segment. I was doing this years ago starting on a cassette 4-track and can testify that it’s no fun regardless of how easy or simple the end result may sound. Still there is a certain segment of people who have a tendency to dismiss the skill level of a technique that is not performed completely live.

    Also keep in mind that we have a tendency highlight videos where multiple DJ’s perform live simultaneous scratching routines, which can sometimes sound similar to what DJ Revolution did above. We have readers of all knowledge and skill levels… not all site readers are aware of how this is done or that multitrack recording is needed.

  6. Nice video (the rematch and the song with EV are the most play song in my car harddrive)

    There are so call acapellas archive, but it’s the same one you hear all the …. Break beats acapella records and there was a DVD/CD-Rom that had a ish load of them on, with all the softwear out there for dj it’s super easy to do it on your laptop have a file just of acapella Hiphop, reggae cartoon

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