BlackBerry OS 4.5 AKA: Why should iPhone Users Have All The Fun?

I don’t know if anyone has noticed from the decreasing amount of posts this week, but I’ve been a little tired of writing about Hip-Hop.  Not that all the interviews and equipment releases haven’t been interesting, it’s just that I’m feeling the need to indulge the inner technophile and play with something other than samplers … Read more

Mixtikl Brings 12 Tracks of Mobile Music Creation

Continuing the recent flood of mobile music applications is the yet to be released Mixtikl created by Intermorphic.  Although we only have screenshots at the moment, Mixtikl promises to not only be a robust mobile music application, but also a full plugin and standalone desktop app for both Windows and Mac OS X.  At launch … Read more

Best Cell Phones For The Music Biz?

Last night while waiting for a delayed flight from Providence to Chicago, I thought it would be a great idea to catch up on some overdue items that had been put off due to recent travels combined with my hatred of working from a Vista based laptop.  Unfortunately, my supreme visions of productivity were crushed … Read more