Akai Ships EWI USB Wind Controller

The holiday season is here and Akai has come bearing gifts with the introduction of the EWI USB Wind Controller.  The EWI USB Wind Controller enables anyone, regardless of wind instrument-playing experience, to perform with the expressive capabilities of the wind instrument of their choice. Features include a five-octave range, breath modulation, pitch bend, adjustable … Read more

Inside Akai MPC 1000 Guts + Cursor Button Fixing

Anyone else enjoy looking a the guts of an MPC?  Well, maybe enjoy isn’t the right word, especially if you’ve spent time fixing your Akai MPC 1000.  Still it’s always interesting to get a peak inside at the innards of production equipment.

Akai Updates OS For All MPC’s Currently In Production


Hardware manufacturer Akai has just announced the release of new operating systems for every current MPC.  Perhaps this large batch of fixes is a reaction to the popular trend of MPC bashing resulting from the botched release of the MPC 5000.   Regardless, early adopters of the MPC 5000 will be relieved to know that OS v1.02 has resolved 14 issues and now allows the loading of MPC 2000 programs into the unit. 

Now if we could only convince the execs at Akai to bring back (or at least continue to support) the rock solid MPC 2000 XL… the world would be a much better place!

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Havoc + Alchemist On Akai MPC 5000 And Artistic Advice

While Just Blaze essentially rips the Akai MPC 5000 to shreds, Havoc states that he made the move and is "killing the game with it!"  I guess differing opinions make music a great thing.  Alchemist and Havoc also go on to address the difference between a producer and beatmaker, inspiration, and advice to new artists … Read more

Just Blaze Rants Against Akai MPC 5000

The Megatron Don himself just went on a serious diatribe against the newly released Akai MPC 5000.  Superproducer Just Blaze states that the MPC 5000 is, "COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE AND SHOULD NOT BE!"  He even goes on to supply a model number downgrade and correction as, "The 5000 is NOT the successor to the 4000, and … Read more

Dead Presidents Society Discuss Equipment Design

The Dead Presidents Society may very well be the ultimate meeting of the minds when it comes to computerized and electronic music.  Consisting hardware design pioneers such as Roger Linn, Tom Oberheim, John Chowning and others, the group meets weekly in a Berkeley, California coffee shop to discuss the future of electronic music, hardware, and … Read more

Vintage Roger Linn Pre-MPC Prototype On Sale

I know that I’m not the only one who’s fascinated with vintage gear, so here’s your chance to own a piece of true Hip-Hop production history… sort of.  The original MIDI Studio 001 prototype created by Roger Linn is up for sale over at the Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auction (VEMIA).  Careful inspection will reveal … Read more

Akai MPC 5000 To Be Released – Demo Video

Just when you thought the MPC couldn’t have new features added to it, the kind engineering type folks over at Akai Pro have announced the release of the MPC 5000! I suppose this should be of no surprise since the 4000 model was discontinued a little while back, but I never expected them to add … Read more

Su-Preme from Sunz of Man Drops Christmas Beatmaking Video

As usual, Su-Preme laces us with another crazy beatmaking demonstration. This time he shows the Christmas spirit and reworks classic holiday music into something completely unrecognizable and new. Also, much respect to Su-Preme for the shoutout in the vid… keep making that heat!