Akai Updates OS For All MPC’s Currently In Production


Hardware manufacturer Akai has just announced the release of new operating systems for every current MPC.  Perhaps this large batch of fixes is a reaction to the popular trend of MPC bashing resulting from the botched release of the MPC 5000.   Regardless, early adopters of the MPC 5000 will be relieved to know that OS v1.02 has resolved 14 issues and now allows the loading of MPC 2000 programs into the unit. 

Now if we could only convince the execs at Akai to bring back (or at least continue to support) the rock solid MPC 2000 XL… the world would be a much better place!

Other operating system improvements include:

  • MPC 2500 OS v1.24 – Allows opening of Chop Shop 2.0 files and improves upon 13 performance details.
  • MPC 1000 OS v2.12 – Chop Shop 2.0 (file opening & saving), auto-detect split points, loop patched phrases, record Track Mute events, load MPC 5000 .all files, plus resolves 17 issues.
  • MPC 500 OS v1.31 – Enhances performance in two areas.

Download the OS updates:

1,600 thoughts on “Akai Updates OS For All MPC’s Currently In Production”

  1. The 500 update has been out for a couple weeks. I dunno about the others.

    The general vibe I get is that JJOS is the way to go if you have a 1000 or 2500.

  2. this akai os update for the 2500 and 1000 still doesn’t come close to touching even the jjos1. not even a little close. also heard their auto-chop takes FOREVER. where-as the jj auto is like 5 seconds max even on something huge.

  3. Semantik, I agree about bringing back the 2000xl, but that was their intention with the 2500 I guess. Believe it or not I think sites like yours could actuallty affect change with these products, if we can get our voices heard loud and clear. Until then, I am buying one 2000xl each year…the thing is unbeatable.

  4. They could put chop shop on the 500 if they limited it to auto chop. Wish they’d do that, or that the JJOS developer decides he’d like to take a stab at the 500 . . .

  5. @benjamino
    Thanks bro… I think the powers that be are beginning to take notice although I must admit that bringing back the 2000 xl is probably a bit of a stretch. Still it’s great to get the voices of real frontline producers/beatmakers heard.

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