9th Wonder

9th Wonder Digs Guns N’ Roses & Huey Lewis

Producer 9th Wonder reminisces and rocks out in the studio to his favorite 80’s joints… Guns N’ Roses "Sweet Child O’ Mine", Toto’s "Africa", Huey Lewis & The News "The Power of Love", and Joe Esposito’s "You’re The Best".  Much respect to 9th for having the cojones to admit his musical vices (we all have … Read more

9th Wonder Talks Lil Wayne And Classic Music

Producer 9th Wonder says Lil Wayne is the best MC alive.   I’m a little shocked by this one, but the most interesting part was hearing him comment on the state of Hip-Hop and the changing definition of classic music.  He makes a great point about how many songs need to be hot, especially considering … Read more

9th Wonder Legacy Promos

In a couple of video shorts, Producer 9th Wonder talks about his definition of a legacy, the importance of carrying the  torch in Black music, and the responsibility of an artist.

9th Wonder And Murs Talk About Fruity Loops And Soulful Beats

9th Wonder talks about his reasons for using Fruity Loops, beatmakers who disrespect his production style, and critics who attempt to define his sound.  He also talks about working with different artists and cerebral vs. soulful approaches to making music.  Note:  9th admits to jacking  open drums from other producer’s records…. hmmm.

9th Wonder starts it off by chopping up a "Pretty Brown Eyes" by Mint Condition, then takes us on a digging excursion to Cue Records located in Philadelphia.  Store owner DJ Botany 500 offers up some unknown joints while 9th wonder talks about receiving a Grammy shout out from Mary J. Blige and sampling records.  … Read more

9th Wonder Comments On Breaking My Heart

9th Wonder talks about the beat for "Breakin My Heart" from Little Brother’s album Getback.  Apparently the beat was about 3 years old by the time song was recorded, which is pretty amazing for it to still be relevant after all this time.