9th Wonder Digs Guns N’ Roses & Huey Lewis

Producer 9th Wonder reminisces and rocks out in the studio to his favorite 80’s joints… Guns N’ Roses "Sweet Child O’ Mine", Toto’s "Africa", Huey Lewis & The News "The Power of Love", and Joe Esposito’s "You’re The Best". 

Much respect to 9th for having the cojones to admit his musical vices (we all have them), but is anyone else wondering what’s in that cup?

3,589 thoughts on “9th Wonder Digs Guns N’ Roses & Huey Lewis”

  1. Fuckin Right !!! 4 all u Youngstas coming up thats how a 9th Wonder stands out amongst all this sounding lik the next one’s shit.

  2. Man, that’s a cook out cup. When its 2 in the morning and you acting up and you get hungry, Cook Out is where you go. Come to NC, then you’ll understand.

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