9th Wonder

9th Wonder To Beatmakers: “You Gotta Do More Than Beats”

Producer 9th Wonder discusses auditioning beats for Jay Z, working with Erika Badu, and teaching music history.  Later 9th goes on to talk about the importance of saving older work and doing other thing besides making beats. I made the actual beat for Erykah Badu’s honey seven years ago.  That’s why I say, everybody save … Read more

Hip Hop In Context w/ 9th Wonder & Christopher Martin

How would you like to receive college credit for knowing about Outkast?  9th Wonder discusses teaching a course entitled Hip Hop In Context (1973-1997) with Christopher Martin (Play) at North Carolina Central University and maintaining his soulful style when working with various artists. I don’t really get into the technicalities of it.  I just get that feeling in … Read more

9th Wonder Talks Sample Chopping & Soul Music

Maestro visits with 9th Wonder as he explains his philosophy behind making beats, feeling the music, and sample chopping.  9th also briefly touches on Fruity Loops vs the MPC 2500 and what he feels are the most important ideas involved in being a producer/music maker. Everybody has different technical ways that they make a beat, but … Read more

9th Wonder Says “Everybody Is A Producer”

A classic interview where 9th Wonder explains breaking into the music industry as a new producer, the musical challenges involved in sampling, and his views on the currently crowded producer market. Notable Quote: "Now the internet is flooded, I mean truly everybody is a producer.  You’ve got all types of people with beat machines in … Read more

De Blog Jam x 9th Wonder Sampling Lesson

9th Wonder hits us with another episode of De Blog Jam and gives a MPC workout along with a quick chopping lesson. Notable Quotes: "It’s like falling out of bounds and calling time out with the ball.  You can’t teach it… they don’t teach that at camp!" "I feel like the Rachael Ray of beatmakers… … Read more