De Blog Jam x 9th Wonder Sampling Lesson

408 thoughts on “De Blog Jam x 9th Wonder Sampling Lesson”

  1. Yeah I always Digged 9th Wonder beats.

    Nice to see what his process is while making beats and recording.

  2. 9th wonder is one best producers out there right now! also right now he’s almost in my all-time top 5!! I been a fan of his since i heard his beat on Hov’s Black Album, and that M. Bleek “Its Alright’ right after. I have just about everything this man ever produced!! music by him and premier are the only new hip-hop i check for! mad props for posting this!!

  3. 9th wonder cut up a sample. The sample is hot. 9th wonder just found it. The track he did on the Black Album was fire. But it was not fire cuz he did it. It was fire cuz it was from Gladiator. Cats like Premeir and Pete rock were inovating with sample. This isnt’t innovating. Sorry. This is just another, I copped a record from the Thrift store beat.

  4. Good job 9th! You found another soul record and raped it with childlike simplicity. For once I’d like to see this guy try to incorporate samples from 2 different sound sources. Oh wait, that means he would have to tune the samples! That might be a problem when you’re not musically inclined. Building your beat around samples from one single song is the most basic form of beatmaking. Not impressive! Once again, the only reason why this guy has so many fans is because he gives hope to all the kids with laptops and fruityloops having fantasies of being a producer. This style does not require true musicianship. If you’re offended by this then, most likely, you are one of those kids.

  5. @W00dman!
    Wh0 cares if he uses 0ne sample s0urce? I bet he can sample himself farting, burping, and yawning and make it h0tter than any0ne up here. The man has skills. End 0f discussi0n.

  6. why in the world would anyone hate on 9th wonder? he is pure hip-hop at its finest! the man gets props from people like pete rock, just blaze & premier. so what all the haters say dont mean shit if he gets love from pete rock & premier.
    if u dont like 9th wonder, then u are a fan of this new age pop & lock auto tune crap thats out now.

  7. I gotta say 2 years ago i used to go against people claiming he was the best producer around.
    But ive heard 9th’s BeatTape and Instrumental collections and from there i realized how dope he really was.

    But i still wonder why all the 9th Wonder albums i have lack soundquality?
    I have a whole discography downloaded from 9th, been downloading him by myself too
    but somehow albums like Dream Merchant, albums with Buckshot seem to be not mixed very well. (very flat soundquality)
    I guess its the people who put the MP3’s out there though.

  8. 9th Wonder is big. Like he says he’s into “grown folk music” I think his beats are very soulfull. Some of you guys wont like it or understand his music and the rest of us LOVE his art form.
    For me…He helped take Hip Hop back to how it sounded for me back in the day.

    9th keep doing your thing homie!

  9. Its true that what he did isnt that complicated but he made it pretty fast not necessarily his greatest wrk..but its still makes ur head knock and has that soul to it and like homeboy said he gets love frm pete rock and premier so that opinon means more than anybody on the internet. Stop Hating!!!

  10. Well…YaKnow, I think his chopping abilities are good, The only reason he probably doesn’t layer sample upon sample is because of publishing purposes. Hank Shocklee and the Bomb Squad used to have about 20 samples running throughout their music but, sampling is costly. NOTE: Critics can critique but rarely can they do what they are criticizing.

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