9th Wonder x Laws “Shining” In-Studio Preview

902 thoughts on “9th Wonder x Laws “Shining” In-Studio Preview”

  1. That’s my dude right there y’all, he’s from my city Tampa, just seen his farwell concert after signing with Justice League, the man’s a beast, real inteligent young dude…

  2. Lmfao thats crazy i jus wne to median’s myspace and bumped some ish lol they sound like twins its crazy… LAWS flow is definitely better though

  3. Sounds like the mc is trying to imitate Kanye’s style…..
    Not feeling this dude at all….

    9th is a dope producer!, but ive heard too many beats that sound like that.

  4. just because people claim it sounds like a beat “anybody could make”, does that make it whack……people kill me with these “opinions”. Dope video, and props to 9th……no disrespect to others opinions, but lets be realistic

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