DJ Toomp On Label Politics “It’s Not An A&R’s Job To Pick Beats!”

A routine beat preview session goes off the rails as DJ Toomp lets loose on producer/rapper/A&R politics, "You’ve got some rappers who really don’t know how to pick beats."  DJ Toomp and 9th Wonder then go on the combined tirade against A&R’s picking beats for artists and pushing their own personal agendas.

Notable Quotes:
"It’s not an A&R’s job to pick beats.  It’s your job to make sure the album is thorough." – DJ Toomp

1,907 thoughts on “DJ Toomp On Label Politics “It’s Not An A&R’s Job To Pick Beats!””

  1. I agree with what they wewre saying about A&R picking beats, but i’m kinda indifferent about them saying they are trying to get their man’s on. but if it wasn’t about giving upstarts a chance how does anybody get a cahcne to be heard! Dope is Dope! now i’m not saying that if your boy is not up to kut he should get put on, but there has to be room for upstarts. Just my 2cents!

    But toomp has some hidden gems there!

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