9th Wonder Talks Lil Wayne And Classic Music

Producer 9th Wonder says Lil Wayne is the best MC alive.   I’m a little shocked by this one, but the most interesting part was hearing him comment on the state of Hip-Hop and the changing definition of classic music.  He makes a great point about how many songs need to be hot, especially considering that music purchasing habits have increasiningly changed from albums to singles.

2,517 thoughts on “9th Wonder Talks Lil Wayne And Classic Music”

  1. LOLZ. lil wayne? i never liked 9th, but now he’s showin that he’s got really bad taste in music. and he’s way overrated. his beats are nothing special. just bunch of famous soul loops.

  2. @Pele

    Wow… constructive comment! Congratulations on being able to read a YouTube time stamp… Is there any other overly obvious item you’d like to point out?

    Looks like you’re in the wrong place and exactly the kind of reader we DON’T aim to please. We focus on delivering interesting producer focused content no matter how old it is.

  3. 9th’s talent can not be be doubted. He may use a lot of soul loops, but you try getting that sound. He has his own thing going on, and it works. Its classic hip hop boom bap shit, and he’s good at it. As far as the Lil Wayne comment….wow. Lil Wayne has talent too, but his shit sucks now…Lollypop? Are you kiding me?

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