Su-Preme The Beat Maker Vol.2 DVD Giveaway

Su-Preme has returned with another full length installment of his ever entertaining production instructional DVD series.  Volume 2 features lessons including drum and sample editing, chop shop, timestretch, program editing, making loops, sequencing, automation, and more.

One lucky reader get their own copy of the DVD delivered straight to their doorstep.  Simply leave a comment with your favorite hardware or software sampler before 12am Wednesday December 24th, 2008.  Winner will be chosen randomly.

Visit Syklopz for ordering info.

Update:  Congrats to Agent Smith for winning the DVD!

1,883 thoughts on “Su-Preme The Beat Maker Vol.2 DVD Giveaway”

  1. Yo Preme, This dvd is gonna be ILL dude! The trailer already got my chop game up!

    MPC 1000 W/JJos Protools mbox/mini and cooledit/2


  2. My favorite software sampler WAS Acid/ReCycle/NN-XT on pc…

    NOW I’m a Mac dude, so my fav is EXS24. Fav hardware sampler is the MPC4000

  3. I consider myself an artist, so my fav equipment is whatever’s available at the time. Some of the greatest music created was made using simple gear. So put me in a room with whatever sampler and I’ll make something with it. In the studio, the producer is the main ingredient.

  4. Because it was easy to use, Roland Dr Sample 202. This was only good for loop creation. But it allowed me to do some 4 bar remixes.

  5. I always wanted to make Beats, you make it look so easy. My name is Brotha Joe, I do have fruity loops 8 and just trying to learn the program right now. I look at your studio and it makes me want to put something together. I would like to hear from you. Because I am serious and would like to make a future out of it, making Beats! Call any time Fayetteville, NC c910.286.8628


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