Su-Preme The Beat Maker Vol.2 DVD Giveaway

Su-Preme has returned with another full length installment of his ever entertaining production instructional DVD series.  Volume 2 features lessons including drum and sample editing, chop shop, timestretch, program editing, making loops, sequencing, automation, and more.

One lucky reader get their own copy of the DVD delivered straight to their doorstep.  Simply leave a comment with your favorite hardware or software sampler before 12am Wednesday December 24th, 2008.  Winner will be chosen randomly.

Visit Syklopz for ordering info.

Update:  Congrats to Agent Smith for winning the DVD!

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  1. Yo, I had the old Roland MS-1 Sampler when I started out as a youngin. It was ahead of its time cause it had 8 pads to bang out and an LCD screen with expansion cards for more memory. I never ever ever knew anyone else who rocked with that. You can find em on ebay now or whatever. Thats my joint and its my favorite sampler.

    Roland MS-1 sampler

  2. This site is the best I really learn alot from the video’s here thanks for keeping us updated!! My favorite hardware sampler is the mpc2000xl that’s what I use now and my
    favorite software sampler is Battery 3 together they are a beast. Peace!!

  3. I have 2 acousic guitars, a Yamaha DGX-505 keyboard/midi controller, a MPC 1000, Reason 4.0, Acid Pro 6.0, Sound Forge 9.0, and FL Studio 6.

    I enjoy playing the guitar and piano (broads luv that shyt), and the tactile interface of MPC 1000 is on point. The synths from Reason combined with my keyboard make some killer street anthems (DJ Toomp esque).

    For awhile now i’ve just been using software, so if you were to ask me what my favorite sampler is i’d say “Acid”. But now that my sound is changing to incorporate more electronic sounds, I would say Reason 4.0 has me…

    check me out

  4. This is what I’m talking about. I’ve had help with tutorials and the like, but you need to see what is really happening to the sample whether it be a drum or a phrase. To see what is being done from an accomplished producer is great. I love the sample video because it shows me what I need to do to the sample even after I had the correct length (i thought)… most won’t show that. Big up to SUP for the vid.

    I use an MPC1000 with JJos 2 with logic PRO.

    xPEACE goes out.

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