Stanton Announces T.92 and T.55 Turntables


DJ equipment manufacturer Stanton has offered two more options for those currently in the market for a turntable.

The T.92 USB features a high-torque direct drive motor, S-Shaped tone arm, and built-in DSP while the T.55 USB offers belt-drive and a straight tone arm.  Both turntables come equipped with USB and S/PDIF outputs along with Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator and Audacity to assist with digital archiving, transfer, and editing.

With a suggested price tag of $299 (T.92) and $199 (T.55), both offering could be of interest to budget minded DJ’s.

See Stanton for more info.

1,467 thoughts on “Stanton Announces T.92 and T.55 Turntables”

  1. Nothing new here. They’re just repainted T50s and T90s. Those retail prices are very high as well; expect them to be a little more in line with the previous prices.

    Stanton has the best tables out there for the price in my opinion. My T60 was an awesome little table considering it was only $150 new. I’ve moved to a 1210 since but that’s only because Guitar Center didn’t have a STR8-150 or PDX-3000 in stock.

  2. STR-150/ST-150 are def the best turntables on the market.
    The best performance, specs and build most robust.

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